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About Us

We believe making it easy for people to obtain their prescription medication can improve overall health. Non-compliance and non-adherence to medication regimens are leading causes of re-admission to hospitals, assisted living centers, and recovery or rehab centers. Often, non-compliance is a result of people having trouble obtaining or understanding the medications that are needed.

Our pharmacists have 40 years’ worth of experience in pharmaceutical care. We are currently licensed in 22 states, with more to come. We supply both generic and brand name medications approved and distributed by U.S. based distributors.

Our motto at Confidential Drug: Simple, Safe, Secure

  • Simple: Confidential Drug delivers directly to the patient’s doorstep, eliminating long pharmacy lines, wait time and improving medication compliance.
  • Safe: Confidential Drug improves medication accessibility, decreasing re-admissions to hospitals, nursing homes, and medical treatment centers.
  • Secure: Confidential Drug works directly with you and your physician to obtain the medication prescribed and to assist you in the understanding of your medication needs.